Friday, September 16, 2011

The Harris Fam, 2011.

I know I haven't posted Disney pictures yet (or first day of school, or or or...) but I just wanted to post a few of our family pictures, taken last weekend by hubby's fabulously lovely, fantastic and extremely talented cousin Jamie. We love her dearly and had so much fun with her (AS USUAL!!). Thank you, Jamie, for these beautiful pictures!! We love them (and we love you!)!


Auntie Becca said...

Oh my gosh, Bella's hair is so cute and Ryder is so tall and toothless! Very sweet family!

mclegg17 said...

WOW... I love B's hair!!!! These pictures are beautiful!!!! Such a lovely family! Hope that your kiddos had a great first week of school!

goose and bear said...

So lovely!

meg said...

What wonderful pictures! Love Bella's short hair and Ryder's missing tooth :)
They look so grown up.

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