Monday, September 19, 2011

California, the first few days.

We left for vacation on our 11th wedding anniversary and it was a fun, adventurous way to celebrate! We drove down to Nana's to drop off the van for Cuzn's Camp then got up the next morning and set off for Lodi, California, which was about half-way to Disneyland. The kids did SO great in the car - we listened to LOTS of books on CD, watched A LOT of Tom and Jerry (the kids) and got some crafting done (me). It was a long, but fun day!!

Once we finally reached our hotel the kids were jumping on the beds within minutes! :) Once they got their wiggles out we headed down to the pool for the first of MANY swims during our vacation. It was a perfect way to end our first day of road-tripping! :)
 The next morning we got up and made the final push to Anaheim. It was so fun to listen to the kids giggling as we drove by the entrance to Disneyland and it made us even more excited for the next day!! When we were getting ready the next morning lil' man looked at me and said "this is the most important moment of my life." Ha! It was SO cute! Needless to say they were excited! Here they are waiting for the main gates to open. (They weren't too excited about me taking pictures!)
The first (and my FAVORITE) ride we went on was Peter Pan's Flight. It was such a great ride and just the perfect way to start the day. I am getting a little bit choked up right now even thinking about our trip - I KNOW it sounds cheesy but it truly was magical and SO MUCH FUN to take our kiddos to Disneyland. I will NEVER forget it! It was so sweet to watch them take it all in!!
Here is Miss B waiting in line for Dumbo...
..and here is a pic of us from hubby's phone...
This next picture is hilarious - it was like pulling teeth to get them to sit nicely in the teacup and smile. They just wanted to GO GO GO! :)
Another favorite ride of ours was the Finding Nemo submarine ride.
Everything was so well done!
Goofy was one of the first characters we met and thankfully the line wasn't too long!
Chip and Dale's Treehouse...
The boys decided they wanted to go on the Autopia ride while we went searching for princesses.
Miss B was exhausted at that point and decided she definitely did NOT want to wait in the 90 minute (!!!) line to meet any of them - we settled for storytime instead.
We met back up with the boys and headed back to our hotel for lunch, naps and swimming.
After we recharged at the hotel we went back to Disneyland - it was fun to be there at nighttime! One of the first things we did was ride Big Thunder Mountain. Lil' Man wasn't so sure about it the first time around - he sat stonefaced the entire ride - but the rest of us LOVED LOVED LOVED it! It was SO cute to hear Miss B and daddy giggling and screaming behind us the whole time!!
Visiting Pixie Hollow...
It was the BEST first day!
Here are my "tweets" from the end of the day:

"Finally in bed at MIDNIGHT, but boy, was the late night worth it! Big Thunder Mountain was kind of intense but Bella LOVED it and screamed and giggled for the whole ride. Ryder wasn't so sure! Watched fireworks and Tinkerbell fly over the castle, rode on "It's A Small World". Convinced daddy to ride the tea cups with us, let the kids buy giant suckers and sweet treats and surprised them with Chip and Dale dolls while we were waiting for the shuttle. SO.MUCH.FUN!!! I feel so blessed to be on this trip with my fam!!"

The next day we got up and headed to Legoland. On the way there we saw this aircraft carrier about 1/2 mile from shore and a helicopter that was doing some kind of training. We stood and watched for a little while and the helo flew RIGHT by us. It was AWESOME!!
Legoland was prettty cool...(but I have to admit, I liked Disneyland much better!)
The kiddos weren't too into pictures so I made my hubby pose with this cute camel! :)
Again, the kids were just too busy to have their pictures taken so daddy had to pretend! :)
Posing with the creepy Lego family on the way to the car...
Stayed tuned for more Disney pics!! (Yes, there's MORE!)

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