Thursday, July 7, 2011

Update #2!

Miss B and I had a fun park date one day while brother was in school.
She was helping me look for a new location for a photo shoot and got just a bit annoyed posing for pictures!
Can you tell she was DONE? :)
Although I'm having a hard time coming to terms with my little babe going to Kindergarten in the Fall, she is more than excited and READY. She was thrilled to go to Kindergarten Round-Up and wanted to get all dressed up. Here she is, ready to go!! She could barely stand still for pictures!!
Being silly at home...
Daddy had to go out of town on an extra long business trip in May and the kids and I kept busy shoveling 5 yards of new bark dust and cedar chips.
They were such a huge help!!
My little helpers were also good at shucking corn for dinner!
And finally, here is my sweet little girl READING. She has been absolutely amazing and has really come a long way the last few months. She's got it down and has taken off!! It has been so fun to watch and listen to her read. I am such a proud momma!


Donna Hendrix said...

I can't believe how long B's hair is getting!

Kara said...

the ones in the barkdust were my those cute full of LIFE! Love these!

meg said...

CUTE KIDS as always! Way to go little miss reader!

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