Tuesday, April 19, 2011

She went and turned 5.

It's official. After weeks of counting down the days with a paper chain, she finally turned 5. I can barely type it! Five is SO, SO, SOOOOOOOOOO old and kindergarten is just around the corner!!

We love her so much and are so proud of her! She is such a little character...so full of spunk and silliness!

Her and I took a quick walk yesterday and I snapped some pictures on the way. They may or may not be her official "5 year old portraits" but I love them just the same.


Donna Hendrix said...

I still can't believe that 5 years have passed since that early Easter Sunday morning when you were absolutely sure you were NOT in labor. Seriously - 5 years????? What a special 5 years with her in our lives!! Couldn't be happier to call her my granddaughter!

Kara said...

Love these photos...can't believe she's so big!

goose and bear said...

Oh, I just adore these! And your beautiful spunky girl (who I imagine takes after her momma at that age :)

Happy Birthday B!

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