Monday, August 30, 2010

Sand and Superheros

I don't know what the deal is, but we've had exceptional weather at the beach this summer. Every time we've gone it's been SO beautiful! This trip with sweet friends at the beginning of July was no exception. To quote my friend Jen: "We were 5 mommies, 11 kids, one dog, and the most beautiful day on the Oregon Coast that I have had in a long long time."

The Superheros: Captain Pirate, Strong Man and Captain Underpants
(Of course, my child chose to be Captain Underpants. Thanks Uncle John!! :) )

Love these 5 with their towel capes!!
My Lil' Man was a DIGGING machine that day! So funny!!


meg said...

Kim I love the pictures as much I loved that day! I can't believe the pictures of my little miss not so little anymore. Thanks for the fun memories!

Jen said...

That was an AWESOME day, we'll have to find away to get all those kiddos together again! Love what you see through your lens too!!

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