Monday, July 5, 2010

This and That, Part 1!

We've been busy with lots of fun activites since my last post and I figured I should post again before I forget everything!!! :)

For starters, Lil' Man had his 6th (!!!) birthday. Even though his birthday falls at the beginning of summer I wanted him to be able to celebrate with his Kindergarten teacher and classmates, so Miss B and I made mini apple pies to take to his class. We had so much fun making them - she was such a good helper, from start to finish!!

There were also lots of fun Kindergarten activities that we got to watch and/or be a part of. The kiddos worked so hard building these cool volcanos and then invited everyone to come watch them "erupt." It was SO CUTE! Love these kids!!

What a goofball!!

We got a couple fun class pictures - this is one of my favorites:

Next up was Kindergarten graduation, where I had to come to grips with the fact that I now have a FIRST GRADER. I just can't believe my Lil' Man, THIS Lil' Man...

(On his BIRTHDAY!)

(And turning ONE!) in FIRST GRADE! Whether I like it or NOT, time is just flying by!! But I am so, so proud of this funny, smart, loving, fantastic kid. He is awesome!! He looked so handsome all dressed up for graduation. He wore his Great Grandpa Ryder's tie and similar rockin' shoes to the ones he's wearing above.

Oh man, I LOVE this next one SO much. LOVE.

SOOOOO incredibly proud of my Lil' Man.
** I love you, buddy! **

Stay tuned for 'This and That, Part 2,' which includes the last day of school,
brave little surfers, a trip to Idaho and a 6 year old BIRTHDAY boy!


Donna Hendrix said...

PLEASE, move closer to Boise!!!!!! Byron could telecommute and he could canal surf like I used to! I don't see ya'all near as much as I need to!!

Lisa said...

Kim. Love them all. What a fun bunch of pictures with sweet, little {BIG!} kiddies. Looking forward to our next date!

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