Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So here we are, finally...

For those of you still checking this poor little neglected blog, I thought it was about time to update! We've had a lot going on since Miss B learned to ride her bike!! :) I have a TON of photos to share and, against my better judgement, I am swallowing my pride and posting them sans edits. My colors are all over the place and my focus is off at times, but we've had a ton of fun so I'm sharing anyway! :)

Little man had his first official sleepover in March with his good buddy from school. We roasted marshmallows in the fireplace and made smores - totally messy, but what a blast! I love these sweet boys!!

A few days after the sleepover Gramma came for a visit. We don't get to see her NEAR enough and always look forward to her visits. Miss B had a special field trip for school and chose Gramma to go with her. They got to ride the school bus and had lots of fun! CUTE!

Daddy has been hard at work in the backyard and built a raised bed so we could start a garden. The kids got to pick out seeds to plant. We are watering and weeding and looking forward to fresh produce this summer!

We celebrated Daddy's birthday at the end of March and headed down to visit Nana and Pops.
They took us out fishing on the boat, which we all love.
Unfortunately we didn't catch any fish but we did find a cool little camping spot and got out to explore.
Nana took this picture of my hubby and I. Look at that focus. GO NANA!!!
Daddy risked his life to catch a salamander and was successful. The little guy was so cute!!
(No, we didn't keep him. Yes, we washed our hands afterwards!) :)
On April 16th my little gal turned four. FOUR!! I had a hard time with her birthday this year...four just seems so OLD. She is growing up SO fast! We took cupcakes to her school the day before her birthday so she could celebrate with her classmates. She was so cute praying before snack and passing out the cupcakes. She got to wear a crown and pick a special toy from the treasure box. I have such fond memories of my mom bringing special treats to school on my birthday - I hope I can make my kids feel as special as she did!!

The day of her birthday was a total blast!! We woke up and had a special birthday breakfast...
...and Miss B got lots of loves from everyone, including brother and Grampa...
...then we headed to the zoo.

My independent and creative little gal decided she wanted to decorate her own birthday cake this year, so after the zoo and naps she got to work. I gave her a bunch of frosting and some cool decorations and she went to town. I have to admit, I LOVE that she did this - it was so fun to watch her decorate, and she was so proud of her work!!

The rest of the day was spent hanging out with our wonderful family, playing playing playing and opening presents, including this GORGEOUS quilt my mom made for her.

I will end with this cute picture:
She was getting birthday wishes from her cousin Jack.

It's been a good few months!!! :)


Donna Hendrix said...

Love, love, love all of the pictures. There can NEVER be too many!

Lisa said...

KIM! Can you believe we are talking via our blogs?! Look at your baby! FOUR?! OH.MY! Thank you for the comment you left on my blog...that was very sweet. Just don't look at the photography! :)
Love to YOU!

Jason Kara said...

These photos are so so fun...I love the ones of Ryder and Cavan too! :)

mclegg17 said...

Kim, beautiful pictures... I cannot believe that miss B is 4!!! WOW!!! That quilt your mom made is absolutely amazing. Does the talent in your family EVER end??? Seriously I am so in awe!!!! Hope you guys are doing good!!!!

dianeb said...

I didn't realize Bella and Ryan had the same bday!
Love all the pictures - looks like you have been BUSY!
I am so far behind on editing pictures - just today I was thinking for our everyday stuff I ought to just shoot in jpeg - not sure that I'll ever be able to get caught up on all those RAW images sitting on my computer- glad you decided to post even if you didn't have them edited - they all look GREAT!

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