Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thanksgiving week

We traveled to visit my family for Thanksgiving this year and we had a blast, as usual! The kids LOVED LOVED LOVED spending time with their cousins!

My brother gave my nephew a 'Captain Underpants' book and the boys thought it would be hilarious to play 'Captain Underpants.' And it was HILARIOUS! Their costumes included capes and...underpants. They really made me work for these cream may or may not have been used as a bribe...and it may or may not have been THEIR idea!! "We'll LET you take our picture if you give us ice cream." OH YES THEY DID. They know how to work me. :) John, these next two are for you! :)

Thanksgiving day was my sister's birthday -
she is 25 now, which makes me really OLD. Yikes!!
My mom made her this beautiful quilt for her birthday:

And we celebrated with pumpkin cheesecake!

The rest of the trip was spent playing games, watching movies and playing in the snow!

Twins. I mean, cousins...

And on the way home hubby spotted a bald eagle - it was so COOL!


Becca said...

And the greatest part is that it was frigid outside... And there they were being captain underpants....

Donna said...

Is that last picture for real? Where was it?
I love, love, love all the other pictures too!

jen said...

Glad to know that J isn't the only one who runs around playing superheros in underpants- no wonder the boys get a long so well. Beautiful pictures as usual too!

redindeepblue said...

Love the captan underpants story! Glad you guys had so much fun.

Michelle G said...

loved the captan underpants story. so glad you guys had a good trip!

Katie said...

LOVE the captain underpants pics. We may need a copy of that bald eagle picture!!! Thanks for letting us see your Thanksgiving pictures.

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