Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hyper One

The mall/supermarket for 6th of October City where I'm staying is called Hyper One, each city has one major mall; otherwise, you have to get stuff from the butcher or the baker, etc. They had some amazing sweets; I've found that the Egyptians are super skilled at breads and sweet stuff (rice pudding, pastries, and some weird wheat bread with honey) Below is a snap of about 1/3rd of the case as well as spices... there were a ton but it was difficult to not blast a sneeze. For some reason Engrish was everywhere as well evidenced in the last few pictures.

I have to explain the last picture. I decided to try the bus out from Hyper One to the hotel as it was only about 5 miles; I had the guys from work drop me off at the mall and after wandering around I came out with 2 fanta and some (brazillian) coffee... i was looking for some earrings for my wife.... does anyone realize how stupid that idea was? Think on it, think on it.. yeah. But I digress, I hailed 2 different busses (pretty much a VW bus with 4 rows, perhaps a bit shorter) and neither of them could understand Novotel so they went on. 3rd one I got a hit and climbed in - I ended up being the door man. The cabbies honk at people all the time and look for a signal to pick them up (Mohammed from a few days ago... his horn was worn out and kind of buzzed). We picked up a few people and continued in the right direction; the guy beside me looked at me funny when I snapped a picture of the Nitrous sticker and I told him, "Fast, real fast", then proceeded to grab my air wheel and stupidly act like I was driving the van. He smiled real big like they usually do. We got to my stop (in the middle of the road) and I said "5 pounds?" and the driver says, "One". Guy beside him quickly said 5 and i laughed and patted him on the shoulder. I gave the driver 1 pound and tried to get him to take a spare Fanta but he wouldn't accept... just said something that sounded like salam..something - so he may have meant 'peace be upon you' or he might have meant 'salad'. They all smiled real big when I finally got out. That cab ride cost 18 cents.



Jamie said...

Stop it now. This one had me laughing so hard I snotted myself... I need to get me one uh them lerning cassetes!

Ashley said...

Please tell me you bought that shirt that says "Snooby says relax". I think it would be an invaluable addition to your collection... heck I bet you could have taken that t shirt with the egyptian guy skate boarding and they would have smiled big!! If you didn't buy that shirt please go back and get it for Levi... I'll pay you big time!! How's $.18 and a fanta sound :0)

Ashley said...

Oops, guess that snooby shirt is on a girl maniquin... that should be your wifey's gift, forget the earings!!

Donna said...

These posts have been great Byron!

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