Wednesday, May 6, 2009

That's better.

My camera has been in the shop for a few weeks and I finally got it back this morning - YAY! It was a great break and I got a ton of stuff done but it's nice to FINALLY have it back! 

One of the projects I worked on during my photography "hiatus" was a play kitchen for my little turned out SOOO CUTE! Grampa was a HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE help - I couldn't have done it without him. He was in charge of all the important stuff like MEASURING and cutting, etc. etc. and I finished it up with the sanding, paint and a little curtain and put it all back together. He hasn't seen the finished product yet, so Grampa, this is for you! THANKS SO MUCH for all your help!!!


PS. Mom, I found the pink basket right after we got off the phone last night! Perfect, huh?


Gramma said...

That is SOOOO CUTE!!! Way cuter than any I have seen in the stores!! I love the colors you chose and the curtain is perfect. You and Grampa make a GREAT team! I bet the kids love it~

Auntie Becca said...

Oh. My. Gosh. I know I don't have a boyfriend or anything, but will you please make one for my daughter now? Actually, you know... Just make one for me and I will put it on display in my house. You know how Grandma has a doll house on display for no good reason in her house? I will have a play kitchen. I'm guessing Brittany would also like one for her little girl.

Jessica B said...

That kitchen is sooo perfect in every way. Maryn's comments were "can I have one" and "can we go over to play NOW?" We may be showing up on your doorstep soon :) Glad you have your camera back!

Ashley said...

Who are you... really who makes a kitchen like that?! That is pretty stinkin' impressive and way to go grandpa! I think my boys need one it is so cute, Levi might protest over the color palette though... could you make one in star wars theme?! ;0)

Brittany Short said...

Can BIG girl's get one for Christmas? As Rebecca's roommate, I would like to mention that we've decided we would also like one. In the livingroom. Our kids could use it when we're done. Every little detail is perfect. Well done.

skywardjourney said...

Oh. my. gracious. stars. Kim, you are crazy-awesome!!! Seriously, are you human? How can one person possibly be as creative, gifted, artistic, and generous as you are????? I am always awed when I read your blog... the amazing photos, the beyond-adorable clothes you and your kids wear... the hands-down BEST little girl's bday party ever... and now this. You need your own channel.
I feel so, so lucky just to know you a teensy, tiny bit!

Andrea F said...

WOW.... the pure appeal of what you guys created has me visualizing B on all the dials, taps, cookware & appliances. I bet you have to tear her away from hours on end in the cutest kitchen ever.

Jenni said...

HOLY... NO WAY!!! That Kitchen is seriously SPECTACULAR!!!! Oh my goodness. I cannot believe that you made this! I second Amber, are you human? You are amazing K... that is so good!

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