Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Break!

We were able to get out of town during Spring Break for a little vacay and to celebrate hubby's birthday! We went to one of our favorite vacation spots  - Nana and Pops' house! We hung around their place, played with the dog, ate yummy food and got to visit with some of our very favorite people ever!!! We had a blast!!!



The guys had fun trying to yank a huge tree out of the ground and lil' man had to get in on the action...


We also took the kiddos to the beach, which is always a favorite activity...

...and hubby and I got to steal away for a day, sans kids, so he could get some surfing in!


I got to sit on the beach and read and had fun taking some pics...
the weather was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!


On the way to go surfing we stopped along the way and got to whale watch a little bit, which was super cool...until I saw something even better...THE SWEETEST MULLET E.V.E.R.



One of the highlights of the trip for the kids was hot-tubbing with Nana. On this particular night it was pouring down rain...they had a blast!!


THANK YOU, Nana and Pops, for such a fun weekend!!


Ashley said...

Dude. that mullet is a hot mess!!! Maybe instead of cutting my hair off I should just cut the top, perm it and leave the party to rock out in the back :0) We had so much fun seeing you guys too! I always wish you lived closer, Love ya'!!!

Jenni said...

That Mullet is well, like nothing I have ever seen... wow... that is awesome that you got a picture of it. Your photos are nothing short of amazing like always. I am glad that you had a good spring break... see you wednesday!!! xoxo

Gramma said...

OH MAN! I want to go visit Nana & Pops! They have the best vacation house EVER!

I have a hair appt on Wednesday and wonder if I should take the mullet picture with me so Jill can get me started on the perfect mullet?? I'm thinkin by Christmas I will have the basic style going on and my hair is already gray so I am half way there!! I'll keep you posted---

Jessica B said...

Yay for a new blog post :) Gorgeous photos...I love the ones of you and Byron and the kids at the beach. And that mullet - there are no words to describe it. Byron has a long way to go before he can achieve the perfection of that mullet.

Auntie Becca said...

Yes cute pics - did Bruce and Lynnae always have a hot tub? Why have I not been there in a while?

On a more important note. Mom. You have a lot more growing out to do before you could have a mullet. And it's not gray, it's "salt-n-pepper".

Andrea F said...

OK - so I've seen official mullet sites, and that one has a species classification: it's a mixed breed of "perm"-mullet and "fe"-mullet because it has been so carefully permed in front, and its host head is a female. Just so you know.... :)

Your beach shots are awesome, and I would LOVE copies of the ones of you & your spouse & the kids.

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