Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This and that

We're halfway through our first week of preschool (first day pics to come in another post...) and everyone is doing great! Lil' Man is thoroughly enjoying himself at school and Miss B and I managed to get the grocery shopping done today, FINALLY! I'm sure my hubby will be thrilled, especially since we've had breakfast for dinner twice in one week. No, it wasn't cereal thankyouverymuch, but pretty close! :) Anyway, we have the privilege of driving Lil' Man's best friend Miss K to school now, and when we picked her up today they were so excited to see each other! Lil' Man said "I love you!" and Miss K said "I love you, too!" and then Lil' Man said "I'm going to marry you, Miss K" and Miss K said "I know, I'm going to marry you too!" I was dying. They were so matter-of-fact about it!!! It was totally hilarious. So then Lil' Man said "Did you know that Mighty K (their other best friend) isn't going to EVER get married? He wants to live with his Momma FOREVER!" Jenni, I thought you would enjoy that! :)

So we get home from school and have lunch and the kids were playing in the backyard. I pushed them on the swings for a while, which wasn't long enough because it wasn't *FOREVER*, then decided to *try* to teach Lil' Man how to pump his legs. I didn't have high expectations because, well, while I totally believe in my kid, we've tried before and he wasn't too interested. BUT TODAY...TODAY he totally figured it out and proceeded to swing by himself for the next 45 minutes! AND, MUCH TO MY DELIGHT, when I went out to take a few pictures he actually asked me to take MORE because he was SO proud of himself! How cool. He totally rocks.

Here he is, swinging all by himself:

[Check out that concentration]

And one of my beautiful girl,
with Gramma's freezer jam all over her shirt...


Gramma said...

I checked the Target Bridal Registry. No registry for R & K. What a relief! Maybe we are OK - at least for a few years! :)
Good job on the pumping Ry Ry!

Jenni said...

Yes, my son is going to live with me for the rest of his life... that is so funny that they had that conversation...

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