Wednesday, August 20, 2008

20 {traumatizing} baby products

Oh my goodness, this list is hilarious! You have to check it out:

20 baby products great for traumatizing infants

What's your fav?


Mindy said...

Well at first I was going to say the Baby Mop but then I scrolled down and saw the Man Boobs... YUK!! This had me rolling. Thanks for sharing!

Andrea said...

I totally recoiled at the man-boobs, too, and I gagged at the snot-sucker device. I imagine some of these might be traumatizing for adults thinking that having kids might be fun??

Ashley said...

.wow. I am speechless........ I am buying all of these WONDERFUL ideas for me and my household, right now! Man boobs, snot sucker, baby mop... so many great ideas in one place .wow. just wow.
Thank you Kim, you have once again changed my life {tears are comin'}. I love you man!!!

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