Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"But that'll be too long!"

Lil' man will start his second year of preschool in the fall and he's totally excited. Loves school, misses his friends and OFTEN asks when school will start again. If it were up to him there would be no summer break! :) (Hopefully he always feels that way about school!) Anyway, he was asking again yesterday and I told him it will start in September. "BUT THAT'LL BE TOO LONG!" he said. I asked him if he wanted to make a paper chain so he could start counting down the days and he seemed to think that was a great idea, thankfully! A little something to take his mind off the LONG wait! :)

Today we set to work cutting out the paper and stapling everything together. Of course it wouldn't be an event if I didn't take some pictures and luckily he humored me - he's not always willing to do so!!!

(Had a little fun with cross-processing on these...)


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Jessica said...

That is a GREAT idea to count down to something!! I'll have to use that for moving into our new home! :)

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