Sunday, June 29, 2008

Singing...and, dancing in the rain!

Lil' man sang with the Children's Praise Team at church this morning and did a fantastic job. The lighting was bad and my pictures are the same, but he is too cute not to post:

Tonight we had an awesome thunder/lightning/rain storm and Miss B had a total blast dancing in the rain...she was soaking wet and it didn't phase her one bit! I think we can all learn something from the little ones about living life to the fullest, having fun stomping in the puddles and dancing in the rain! :)


Jamie said...

The one of B jumping, from the back, is my fav pic I have seen in EONS. From ANY photog. It absolutely takes my breath away! And then leaves me feeling very content, and happy with the world. ;0)

Ashley said...

Oh! I just noticed the car clogs on R's feet in the first one... HE IS SO CUTE!! What a sense of styyyle!

Ashley said...

Very fun! I can't wait for Linc to sing with the children at church and to go puddle jumpin'. Children DO put the simplicity of fun back into life!!

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