Tuesday, May 6, 2008


When my mom was here a few weeks ago her and R planned a fun date together - unfortunately their plans weren't until later in the day and my lil' man was having trouble waiting. He kept asking us when it was time for them to go - I finally told him, "when the big hand gets to 12, it will be time to go." He decided to pull up a chair and watch the clock. He was so excited, it was CUTE!!! He loves special adventures with Gramma!!!

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Jamie said...

Have you noticed you've been writing more and more along with your pics? I LOVE it! I can totally see a "coffee table book for Moms" in the works... I want to buy the first copy! And I want it SIGNED! ;0) You do a great job of catching special moments, in both word and image.
Love ya!
-j ;0)

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