Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thank you...

This might be kind of a strange place to post something like this but it's the only way I know to publicly say THANK YOU....

My parents left today to drive back home after being here since Sunday afternoon. We've been trying to finish our bathroom remodel, without much luck, and my {step}DAD, Jeff, came to the rescue and finished the whole thing all by himself! .B. has been out of town this week and wasn't able to help but Jeff came anyway, simply because he has the kindest, hugest heart imaginable. 

So Jeff, THANK.YOU.SO.MUCH. You have NO idea how much you touched us by doing what you did. We simply could not have done it without you and we are so, so incredibly thankful. And mom, thank you for helping out so much with the kids, the laundry and EVERYTHING else. I know it was a long stay and you were so patient! We love you guys so much.


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mom said...

Yep, he is quite a guy! The whole family was blessed the day I married him!
I know he loved doing it for you...there is more blessing in giving than in receiving!

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