Monday, April 28, 2008

What a difference a year makes!


gramma said...

ohmygoodness! she has changed so much!
I couldn't tell what she was wearing on the previous post?? a jacket and skirt??

Ashley said...

Where did those little chubby cheekers go??:0( So sad and yet so exciting to see them grow! I can't get over R turning 4 this year!!!

Love you!

Jamie said...

Love ALL these pics! B's porcelain skin has amazed me from the day she was born, and it still amazes me. Great idea with the side-by-side comparison; I'll have to try that!
Love you,
Jamie :0)

AK said...

Wow, B has changed a lot! She is sooo beautiful! Your skill has come a long way, too! I hope I'm doing that good in a year!

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