Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Our baby is 2!

Our lil' gal is 2 today, I can hardly believe it! It seems like yesterday I was mowin the lawn with my big 'ol preggo belly, and now she is 2! She is funny, silly, independent, beautiful, kind, spunky, loving, sassy and cuter than cute, and we totally love her to pieces. She rocks. She is the awesomest!!

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!  


2 years ago today:



Ashley said...

What a beautiful girl! Hope you have a great Birhday today and a ton of fun at your party this weekend!!!
Love uncle Levi, Aunt Ashley and cuz'n Linc

P.S. Kimmy, how'd you get the great catch light in her eyes in the first pic?? Gorgeous!

Jamie said...

Happy Birthday!!! Kendra keeps asking if she can blow out the candles for you on Saturday, but I told her you'd probably be able to do it on your own... and I see that you're practicing up! ;0) Can't wait to see you and celebrate with you!!
Jamie :0)

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