Monday, March 3, 2008

Sweet baby Z

I had the opportunity to photograph baby Z yesterday and I have to say - newborns are CHALLENGING for me!!! I thought he would be sleepy and all curled up, but he was wide awake and very stretchy! I didn't get to take too many photos but it was fun nonetheless! He was as sweet as can be and had such great facial expressions for such a little guy! FUN FUN!!!





Jessica said...

Love those pics...and I too love the last background! But I really really love the expression on the second pic!! The trick is to make sure you photograph them before 3 weeks of age...otherwise, they're awake and "stretching" like you said!! :)

Jamie said...

You did GREAT!!! Oh, what I wouldn't give to have pics of this quality from when my two were this little!! They are FABULOUS!! I know I usually pic a fav, but I truly love all 3 of these equally. Bravo! I personally think babies are the hardest to photograph. I'd rather do a wedding... ;0)
Love ya,
Jamie :0)

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