Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Messin' around at the kitchen table today





Jamie said...

Okay, WOW! You're making up for last time with all your pic posts!! I can't keep up! And I LOVE it. ;0) Some of my favs are the baby girl in the rug-look multi colored blanket, and B here in b & w. I also love the new borders you've got on the photos here! Keep those pics comin'!!!!!
Love ya,
Jamie :0)

Mindy said...

So cute and I love the embellishments! Where did you find those?

Mathia Family said...

Hey, I found a link to your blog on your sister Jessica's Blog and I just couldn't help but leave a comment about your photography, it is so wonderful! I love the latest post with the embelishments too, I have really gotten into that lately, isn't it fun!

Gramma said...

And to you, Missy B!!

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