Sunday, December 2, 2007

Station 13

We had the privilege of getting a personal tour of Fire Station 13, as given by a very good family friend, "Mr. Scott" - he is now a full-fledged fireman (YOU ROCK!!!) and took the time to show us around his station. The kids had a blast, but I think the hubby and I might have enjoyed it a little bit more! We got to sit in the trucks, check out all the gear, see where Scott cooks his legendary meals, and walk around the entire station. It was really fun and SO interesting! Have you ever seen a hook and ladder truck up close??? They are ENORMOUS. We had a great time, Scott, thank you so much! (Please excuse the horrible FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY - I could not figure out how to use my camera that day!)  :)





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Jessica said...

nice work, even with the low lighting! Glad you're back...Mindy and I have been missing your posts! :)

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