Sunday, December 23, 2007

Preschool Christmas Program

Our boy had his first preschool Christmas program on Thursday night and it was all the chaos and fun you'd expect from a bunch of 3 and 4 year-old kiddos! When the kids first came on stage there were several kids in between R and his little friend Miss K. He decided he wanted to stand by her anyway and managed to worm his way over. Hubby and I got a kick out of that and I think we have it on video! Anyway, the lighting was brutal for taking pictures but I managed to capture a few...

[Obligatory "outfit" photo before the program.
He looked SO handsome with his blazer and wing-tip shoes!
Grandpa Ryder would be proud!]

[Singing with Miss K]
[Miss K showing off her Christmas dress]

[R and one of his other best buddies...]
[I love this picture with Miss K waving to someone in the audience!]
[Standing with his teacher Mrs. Clark after the program]


Jamie said...

I think every time I comment on your pics, I say, "These are the BEST you've ever taken!" But it's TRUE!!! You must just get better and better. Amazing. I really, really like how they, the 1st one especially, have a sort of vintage look. Very nice!!
J :0)

Jessica said...

For some reason my post for the christmas pagent is on "station 13"! weird! - so look there for my comments! :)

Gramma said...

Gramps would be very pleased with the spit polished shoes. I have saved one pair of his shoes. Maybe I'll pack them away for when this little guy is bigger. It would be cool to pass them on to the 4th generation. Gramps only bought the very best, so they may still be in good shape in 10 years!

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