Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fun with the Mitchells

Had a fun little shoot with some dear friends yesterday and let me tell you, they are all full of spunk and a blast to be around! We went to the mall to get out of the rain (thanks for the idea, Mindy!). Despite some strange looks I managed to get some cute shots. How could I not, they are all ADORABLE. See for yourself!!!!


[Marina and McKenzie, affectionately know as "Mimi"]


[With a missing tooth, totally cool hair and freckles to die for, Sawyer was super fun!]


[PROM POSE!!!!!!!]


[Is she a little model or what?]


[How fun is this? The part that does it for me is the little bit of hair sticking up on Sawyer's head. HILARIOUS.]

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Jessica said...

LOVE the background...nice work! :)

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