Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

Tuesday was the boy's very first field trip - he's been talking about it for a week solid and woke up this morning raring to go in his pj's - he just couldn't wait! I think he was most excited about riding the school bus...so much so, when we pulled into the school parking lot and there wasn't a bus there he almost had a meltdown. He was very confused about the whole thing - he just didn't understand why, with all the other buses driving by, his wasn't there! :) And apparently little sister REALLY wanted to ride the bus too, because when she saw daddy and brother get on without her, she was not a happy camper! Needless to say, we made it, and a grand time was had by all. As usual, I hid behind my camera the whole time.


[For some reason, this picture totally cracks me up.
We got to the pumpkin patch first and were waiting for the bus to arrive.
I think she was still a little miffed she didn't get to ride the bus. What a look, huh?]

[By the way, Jamie, I promise I'll send the hats back one of these days...]


[Can you find him?]


[Riding the ferry to get to the pumpkins!]


 ["Daddy, how 'bout this one?"]





Jessica said...

That pic of bella is awesome! I LOVE her expression!! :) It cracks me up too!!!

Jamie said...

We're taking our family trip to the Patch on Monday. Can't wait!! Thanks for the good pic ideas here. ;0) I'm happy to see Ryder made it out of his PJs for the occasion... ;0)

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