Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sweet Pea...

My dear friend Lisa and I had a baby shower for our dear friend Jess to welcome baby Lucy. The theme was "Sweet Pea" and it turned out SO, SO darling. Just wanted to post a couple pictures, for fun! :)


[We made little marzipan pea pods to go on the cupcakes]


[These were the favors, filled with pink and green jelly beans]


Ashley said...

SOOOO cute! I want to see more pictures :0) I've got several baby showers coming up (for other people) that I might just have to steel some ideas for, you're good!

Jamie said...

I agree with Ashley! (On the "you're good" part; not on the "I might have to steal some ideas" part--because I would never even attempt something like this!!) Forget Martha; Now there's KIM!!!

Jessica said...

Amazing! Love the angles and the color!! :) You are so amazing Kim!!

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