Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Our lil' BROOOOOSER...

We've decided that little B is definitely going to be our child that will be in the hospital with concussions and broken bones. She is a little dare-devil and always has some kind of bruise on her (usually on her forehead)! But she is so tough and always gets right up and goes on her way. This weekend she fell down a set of steps and straight into a metal railing at the bottom - her forehead puffed up huge and turned purple right before our eyes - it was SO awful and made me sick to my stomach!! Now she has an awful shiner that will probably be around for weeks. Here she is....


[O U C H]


Jamie said...

You've got to post that shiner in color! :0) Poor thing. And her skin being like porcelain really adds drama because of the high contrast! OUCH is right.

Jamie said...

Wow! Look at those eyes. I think your neice looks a lot like your girl! Glad you made it home safely, and had a great time while you were away. :0)
Jamie :0)

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