Friday, September 7, 2007

Getting Ready for Preschool...

Most of you know that the boy is starting preschool next week.

My baby. In school. Without me.

Where has all the time gone?

We've experienced many "firsts" in the last week: first trip to the store to buy school supplies, first trip to the mall for new school shoes, first trip to the dentist (not much was accomplished there), first "getting ready to go to school and don't want to look like a homeless child" haircut. My little man is quite the little man now. I just can't believe it!

Much to his dismay, I toted my trusty camera along to capture all of these "firsts." I'm SOOOO embarassing! But I just have to have these memories to tuck away, mostly for me,  but also in hopes that SOMEDAY he (or his wife!) will be thankful I kept track! :)

Shopping for school supplies for a preschooler is relatively painless. What was on the big list, you ask? Bottle of glue, four glue sticks, box of kleenex, package of wipes. (For those of you who know me well, you know I already had the wipes covered, thank you very much...) We were, however, the last people in our area to shop for school supplies, and had to search Target high and low to find glue sticks. But we persevered and made it home with everything he needed. Phew.


[At Target getting supplies]

I must admit I'm a sucker for cool shoes for the kids. A kid's gotta have cool kicks, right? And of course, the boy NEEDED a new pair for his VERY FIRST DAY of school. So we headed to the mall ( Y U C K ) and made it home with the coolest pair of Vans. He'll be modeling them in his "first day of school" pictures. Stay tuned! ;)


[Checkin' out his NEW KICKS]

The boy wasn't too terribly excited about his first trip to the dentist. They weren't able to accomplish much, definitely not a cleaning, but they took a quick look and told us everything looked fine. Daddy and I agreed it was the quietest we've seen him in all his three years. He was very polite, but wasn't having any of it! He didn't really perk up until they brought out the treasure chest and let him pick out a toy - a new truck that was busted before we even made it home.


[T H R I L L E D to be at the dentist]

We were trying to grow his hair out but gave in and decided to cut it before he went to school. His hair wasn't really growing down, but more OUT, and he was starting to look pretty scraggly. He definitely looks older now, but lots better! :)


[T H R I L L E D to get a haircut]

And so, with all these things checked off the list and preschool orientation complete, the boy is ready for school. He is ready, momma not so much. I get to go with him on his first day open house. After that he's on his own......without me.


Jamie said...

Yeah!!!!!! I'm so glad you've started a blog!! Of course, your header is the coolest I've ever seen. I'm glad you explained the "school supplies" list, 'cause I was thinkin'... WHAT? School supplies for PRESCHOOL????? Hee hee. Love ya,
Jamie Z. ;0)

.k. said...

The supplies are for all the kids to share - so they all bring the exact same things and they last through the year.

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